General Race Information

Can I switch from in-person to virtual? 

Switching to virtual closed September 1st. 

When should I get to the park and ride locations if I want to take a shuttle to the start line?

We encourage all riders to be at the Park-n-Ride locations no later than 5:30 a.m. on race day morning!

Where can I find detailed race day instructions?

Detailed race day instructions can be found in the Race Weekend section of this website.  Also, by early September we will have a link to our Event Guide on our homepage, which will give you even more course information.

Are there Sunday Start Line corrals?

Yes, start line corrals will be used for both the Marathon and Half Marathon.  Your corral letter is based on the estimated finishing time you provided us on your registration form.  You may start with a slower corral than you have been assigned; however, you cannot start with a faster corral than you have been assigned.

Will there be official pace groups?

Yes, On Pace Race will provide group leaders to assist runners in achieving their goal time for the Marathon and Half Marathon.  More information can be found on our Training & Pacing page closer to race weekend.

Do I have to wear my MYLAPS timing tag?

Yes, you are required to wear your timing tag, which will be attached to the back of your race bib when you pick it up.  Simply wear your race bib on the front of your shirt.  Not only does this timing tag give us an accurate finishing time for you, but it also gives us a mechanism to find you on the course in case of an emergency.

What type of sports drink and energy gel will be available on the course?

Gatorade Cherry Endurance Formula™ will be available at every water station on all Sunday courses.  GU Energy Gel will be available at 2 spots along the Sunday course (1 location for the half marathon), with a water station shortly after.

How long is the course open?

The course is open for 7 hours (course closes at 2:00 p.m.).

What kind of weather can I expect?

The average temperature at 7:00 a.m. is 46 degrees and at 12:00 Noon the average temperature is 60 degrees, but be prepared for any type of weather.  We will post weather updates on our home page as the race approaches so you can plan your race day weather strategy!

What happens in the case of inclement weather?

We have a contingency plan in place, which was developed by a group of medical and course officials, to be prepared in the case of unique emergency situations.  Rest assured that plans are in place in the case of inclement weather or any other emergency situation.

Is this a Boston Marathon qualifier?

Yes, our course is USATF certified and meets the requirements of a Boston Marathon qualifying race.

Where are the porta-potties and how many are on the course?

Over 150 Porta-potties will be located at the start line, on the course near every water station and at the finish line as well.

$30 Discount from the 2019 Sunday Distance Events had to be used by May 31, 2020.

Why did you cancel the Fox Cities Marathon?
Out of safety concerns for all of our participants and volunteers, we made the difficult decision to cancel the 2019 Community First Fox Cities Marathon due to approaching and forecasted weather which included lightning and continuing threats of lightning throughout the day.

Participant Information

What happens if I become injured on the course?

We have 6 medical stations on the course at strategic locations.  We also have medical personnel on bicycles and mopeds.  In addition, a number of dedicated ambulances are situated throughout the course in case of an emergency.

Can my family and friends track my progress on race day?

Our race app is available in your App Store as of mid-July. Participant information will be loaded to the app in September.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs (and strollers) are welcome in the Ascension 5k Run/Walk; they do not need to be registered.  For safety reasons, dogs and strollers are not allowed on the 10K or Sunday course.

Are skates, bikes or strollers allowed?

No unauthorized vehicles, skates or bikes are allowed on the course. The only bikes you will see are those ridden by Marathon medical teams.

Can I wear headphones?

We allow headphones but do not recommend the use of them for safety reasons.  We want you to be very aware of your surroundings at all times during the race.  If you do choose to wear headphones, please keep the volume level low so you are able to hear any participants or volunteers who may try to communicate with you during the event.

Do I have to race walk to be in the Half Marathon – Competitive Walk Division?

No! The only requirement is that you walk the entire 13.1 miles.  Walkers in the Competitive Walk Division will have the same rules as in the past when we had a PowerWalk or Competitive Walk.  If you would like to run/walk the 13.1 mile distance, you will want to register for the ThedaCare Half Marathon – Open Division.

Does the race provide transportation for relay runners?

No, usage of our Relay Buses has decreased over the years with participants preferring to arrange their own transportation with their team, family or friends.  It’s one more way to have fun and bond as a team.

When should I get to the finish line if I want to take a shuttle to the start line?

Due to parking concerns, we DO NOT have shuttles from the Finish Line – but do have shuttles just a 1/2 mile away in Downtown Neenah.  Start line shuttle buses will be leaving downtown Neenah continuously between 4:00 a.m. – 6:15 a.m. We recommend you arrive at the finish line no later than 5:30 a.m.  Many athletes recognize the convenience of having their car available to them just a 1/2 mile from the finish line and take advantage of our shuttle service. Please get there early to be certain you get to the start line on time.

Are there showers for participants after the race?

Yes!  Free showers are available, courtesy of the YMCA of the Fox Cities, located in downtown Neenah. After the race take one of the continuous shuttles (YMCA vans) from Riverside Park to the YMCA. You can walk to your car in Downtown Neenah from the YMCA, take a shuttle back to Riverside Park, or take a shuttle back to the Start Line.

Registration Information

Can I switch from in-person to virtual? 

Switching to virtual closed September 1st. 

May I switch from one race to another (Full to Half, Half to 5K, etc) or transfer my registration to another person?

Click here to make any needed switches or changes.

I am injured and no longer able to attend the event, can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer any refunds as stated on the registration form you completed.  This is a policy of our Board of Directors as well as a running industry standard. 

What are the minimum age requirements for the various races?

While our Marathon and Half Marathon do not have a minimum age requirement, please consult your doctor before starting to train for a long-distance event.  There is no minimum age requirement for the Relay, 5K Run/Walk, 10K, Kids Fun Run or Diaper Dash/Toddler Trot.

When can I pick up my race packet?

Packet pick-up times vary depending on the event. For more information, please visit the Expo page.

Kids Fun Run and Diaper Dash/Toddler Trot packets can be picked up at Fox Cities Stadium starting at 4:00 p.m. on the day of the event.

Can I have my packet mailed to me in advance?

Packets are being assembled several days prior to Marathon weekend and cannot be mailed out in advance. Packets are available for pick-up at the times listed above.

Is it mandatory to pick up my race packet?

Yes, it is mandatory to pick up your race packet.  It contains your bib number/timing tag and other important information about the race.  Remember NO TIMING TAG = NO TIME.

May someone else pick up my race packet for me?

Yes, if you are unable to pick up your packet, you may have a friend or family member pick it up for you.

May I pick up my race packet on race day?

Yes, but there is a $25 fee (pre-registration) or a $40 fee (race day morning).  Sunday Packet Pick-up will be in the Baehman Theater in the Communications Arts Center.  The best entrance is located behind Gear Check and is from 5:00 – 7:00 a.m.  We STRONGLY encourage you to pick up your race packet at the Health & Wellness Expo  on Friday, from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. or on Saturday, from 9:00 a.m.  – 4:30 p.m.

May I register for the event on race day?

The only events that you are able to register for on race day (if participant cap space permits) are the Kids Fun Run and Diaper Dash/Toddler Trot on Friday, 10K Run/Walk and the 5K Run/Walk on Saturday.  You may not register for any of the Sunday events on race day.

For Details of the 2019 Race Discount, check General Race Information.

Post-Race Information

Where can I find race results?

Race results will be posted on our website and the app during the day of the race and will be updated continuously.  

Where can I find previous year’s race results?

Previous year’s race results can be found on our website by clicking on Awards & Results.

How do I obtain a finisher’s certificate?

Finisher certificates will be available on the homepage of our website following the event.

What are the award age divisions for each race?

To ensure that results are accurate before issuing awards, we will contact winners approximately 10 days after the event regarding their award.  Refer to the Awards & Results page for more information.

Decision to Cancel

Why did you decide to cancel?  
Since early March 2020, we have been monitoring the developments of COVID-19 as it moved across the world, nation, into Wisconsin and our local communities.  Throughout that time, we followed the recommendations of the CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Badger Bounce Back Plan and explored the impact restrictions and requirements would have on a large scale event like ours.  

There was no guarantee that gatherings of our size would be possible in September 2020.  Implementing and maintaining social distancing guidelines for an event that brings thousands of participants, volunteers and spectators together was impractical.  The complications and costs of implementing personal protective measures and extensive additional sanitation efforts are prohibitively expensive and change the very nature of the experience we want to deliver and our participants have come to expect and love.  

In light of all those considerations and more, we believed we had a responsibility to our participants and our community to do the right thing, with the information that was available to us.  It was a setback, but we will looked ahead to 2021 when our event will return.


What made you decide so early to cancel the 2020 race? 
Making the decision in May 2020 may have seemed too early for some.  But the timing was important because it meant that we could provide participants with options that would not be possible if we waited until later in our planning process, including the opportunity to defer registrations to our 2021 race or request a refund.  

Those options were available because at that point in our planning process, many of our expenses had not been incurred.  The longer we would go into our planning, with contracts and expenses, the more difficult a cancellation becomes, and it would limit the options we could provide to our participants.  With the information available to us indicating that the event would not be possible this year, there was no advantage in waiting for anyone’s sake.


Why aren’t you holding a virtual option?  
We decided to not hold a virtual event this year, partly because of the options to defer to 2021 or request a refund.  Because we have not incurred the expenses of medal and shirt production that would come with a virtual option, we were able to offer participants what we believe to be better options for them.  In addition, by not hold a virtual event, we will be able to commemorate our 30-year-milestone in 2021 with our participants, volunteers, sponsors, partners and community.


Deferring to 2021

How do I defer to 2021? 
You will be automatically deferred by our registration partner, Get Me Registered, on June 1, 2020. No action is needed! The automatic deferral includes your distance, shirt size and options including Sunday Packet Pickup, Commemorative Jacket Orders and race insurance if purchased. Any discounts applied to your registration will be applied to your 2021 registration. You will receive a confirmation email from Get Me Registered with a new transaction code by June 5. 

How will I know if I have been deferred to the 2021 weekend of events? 
All registrants will be automatically deferred and you will receive an updated confirmation email from Get Me Registered noting the change from 2020 to 2021. Get Me Registered will process all registrations on June 1. Deferrals will occur automatically at that time. You will receive your confirmation with a new transaction code by June 5.

If I defer will there be any additional cost for next year’s event? 
No, your race registration will be locked in at our early bird prices if you were registered before May 7, 2020. If you wish to transfer or “upgrade” to a longer distance, you will be charged the difference in race fees. 

If I defer my relay team, can I change the runners as it gets closer to next year’s event? 
Yes, email [email protected] to update your team. Please include your Team Captain’s transaction code in the email.

My relay teammates hadn’t registered yet, how can they register? 
They can join your relay team here. Link coming soon.

What if I defer but then something comes up next year and I am not able to participate?  
You can transfer your registration to another person. Standard fees apply.

Can I switch race distances? 
Yes, participants that defer to 2021 can modify their race distance without the $10 change fee from Oct. 28, 2020 – December 31, 2020.  All 2020 deferrals received a new confirmation email on June 5, 2020 from Get Me Registered with a transaction number. This number is needed to switch race distances without incurring the $10 change fee.  All 2020 deferrals will receive a message via email about the option to switch race distances for 2021. (Updated Oct. 28, 2020)

Can I defer my race but get a refund for my children? Can I transfer my child to another race? 
Yes, each individual registered participant will be able to defer or request a refund. We will offer transfers later in 2020. If you intend to switch race distances, please defer to the 2021 race first. Remember deferment is automatic.

Can I apply the race insurance to the 2021 race? 
Yes! Secure Fee, the company that provides the insurance has agreed to defer any race insurance for the 2020 event purchased before the cancellation and reschedule was announced on May 7, 2020.



What do I have to do to get a refund?  Will it be for the full amount of my registration? 
On Sunday, May 10, each registered participant will get an email from us with details on deferment or how to request a refund. All participants will have until 11:59 p.m. on May 31, 2020 to request a refund.

Refunds will be for the full amount of your race fee, including options like Sunday Packet Pickup and Commemorative Jacket orders less optional race Insurance and your original processing fees. 

Refunds will be credited using your original method of payment and will be processed within 7-10 business days of your request. There are no additional fees to you, we are covering the cost of issuing your refund. Any discounts applied to your registration will no longer be available for future use.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you did not receive the email or if you have any questions.  

How long do I have to request my refund? 
All requests need to be submitted by May 31, 2020. If you wish to defer, no action is needed. 

When will I get my refund? 
Refunds will take about 7-10 days to process and be credited to your original payment method.

I purchased same-day packet pickup. Will that be refunded? 
Yes, this will be refunded along with your race fee.

I purchased the optional race insurance from Secure Fee. Can I get a refund from them? 
No, race insurance fees are not refundable.  But, Secure Fee, the company that provides the insurance, is allowing the coverage to defer to the 2021 race.  



Can I still use my $30 discount from the 2019 Sunday distance races? 
No. Registration for the 2021 race opened, May 7 to allow participants to use their code by May 31, 2020 to redeem the discount. Our Sunday distance events, the Community First Marathon, ThedaCare Half Marathon and Orthopedic Sports Institute Relay Marathon, will take place Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021.

I lost my original confirmation email with details about my $30 discount.  How can I get another copy? Please contact us at [email protected] and we will send it to you. 

I am not available for next year but I had the $30 discount, can I apply that to 2022?  
We are not extending the $30 discount to 2022.



Can I transfer my registration to another person?
 Yes, you can transfer to another participant for the standard fee.  


2021 Race Weekend:

What are the dates for the 2021 race weekend? 
The 30th running of the Community First Fox Cities Marathon presented by Miron Construction and its weekend of events will take place Sept. 17-19, 2021.

Friday, Sept. 17 – Guardian Kids Fun Run and OSMS Health & Wellness Expo (The Huggies Diaper Dash & Toddler Trot is virtual only in 2021.)

Saturday, Sept. 18 – The Ascension 5K Run/Walk, SCHEELS 10K Run/Walk and OSMS Health & Wellness Expo

Sunday, Sept. 19 – The Community First Fox Cities Marathon, ThedaCare Half Marathon and Orthopedic Sports Institute Relay Marathon.

When can I register for the 2021 Weekend of Events? Registration for our 2021 Weekend of Events is open as of May 7, 2020. 

Will the Weekend of Events feature the same courses and venues in 2021? 
Each year we work with our local municipalities and venues to confirm our courses. We are generally able to keep similar courses from year to year, but may make tweaks as trails are added or construction causes detours. Courses and venues will be confirmed in early 2021.

Will the events start at the same time in 2021? 
The plan is to keep similar start times, however, if changes are necessary we will communicate as soon as changes are made. Follow us on social media, foxcitiesmarathon.org and sign up for our Course Connection newsletter to stay up to date.

Is there still going to be a 10K next year? 
Yes, our new SCHEELS 10K is an exciting addition to our Weekend of Events and has been requested by many past participants. SCHEELS has indicated they are on board for the 2021 race.  

I have run every race of the Community First Fox Cities Marathon, will my “streak” continue or will it no longer count?  
Your streak continues! You can defer your 2020 registration to the 2021 race. Or, if you haven’t signed up yet, registration is open for 2021.

How do I volunteer to help this year or in 2021?

Our amazing volunteers are what make our events truly special with their warmth, cheer, enthusiasm and love. Each year, more than 2,000 individuals contribute to delivering an exceptional experience for race participants, spectators and the community.  Volunteer Registration is open visit our Volunteer page. 

What does this mean for sponsors? Our sponsors are critical to a successful weekend of events. Through their financial and in-kind support, they help us inspire health, wellness and community … one step at a time! Many of our 2020 sponsors and expo vendors have indicated they will return in 2021. If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor or expo vendor, please email [email protected] for more details. 


Community Donation:

With the race cancellation, how are you able to still give thousands of dollars back to the community? Each year we give back to our community from the prior year’s weekend of events. The donations being made in 2020 are from the 2019 race weekend. In fact, with the more than $58,000 from the 2019 race weekend, the marathon has now given back more than $1 million to local organizations over the event’s history.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped us achieve this milestone! It would not be possible without the dedicated participants who lace up their shoes every year or without the generous support of our sponsors.



What is the Badger Bounce Back Plan?  The State of Wisconsin has outlined parameters for opening up the state of Wisconsin in phases. Details are available at www.dhs.wisconsin.gov

What if social distancing is lifted by the fall? That would be wonderful news! However, our weekend of events truly takes a year of planning. Because of the complexity of planning an event like ours, it would not be possible to stand up our events to level you have come to love and expect in such a short timeframe. 

What if COVID 19 causes you to cancel the 2021 event? We will continue to monitor the situation and follow guidance from the State of Wisconsin and our public health officials in the counties we run through. 


Staying Connected

If I have a change of address, email or phone number, how do I update my registration to be most current?Please contact us at [email protected] and we will update your registration and ensure you are in our communications database to keep you informed and up to date. 

I haven’t been getting announcements?  How do I get those I may have missed? Please contact us at [email protected] and we will send you any missed communications.

Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to? Yes, the Course Connection newsletter is the official newsletter of the Fox Cities Marathon. Subscribe here.

Are you active on social media? Yes, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also have a YouTube Channel.