Pace Teams

Marathon & Half Marathon Pace Teams

The Community First Fox Cities Marathon, in partnership with OnPace Race, offers Pace Teams that help participants reach their race-day goals in both the full and half marathons.

  • Participation is FREE for both Full & Half Marathon Pace Teams
  • Register at the On Pace Race booth during the OSMS Health & Wellness Expo
  • Participants will receive information, be able to ask questions and meet some of the Pace Team leaders prior to race-day
  • For a list of FAQ’s to your basic Pace Team questions, please visit: Pace Team FAQ’s

Your safety has and always will be a top priority. As we all have been navigating COVID-19 pandemic procedures, we have learned creative ways to stay healthy and come together as a community. With that in mind, we are planning to implement several COVID-19 Safety Protocols for our 2021 in-person events that focus on social distancing, mask/face coverings and good hand hygiene. These are subject to change as we work with local officials, public health officers and medical partners. For more details, see our 2021 Safety Protocols.

Pace Team Leaders: If you are interested in helping your fellow participants reach their race-day goals in either the full or half marathon, please contact  [email protected]

2021 teams will be announced this summer

Each year we have a robust team to help you pace your race. Here is the 2019 team to help you plan. Pacers are available to answer questions regarding their pacing techniques prior to race weekend. Target times will be the following:

Pacing Leader Race Time Contact E-mail
Tim Kowols
Ryan Peterson
3:20 Tim: [email protected]
Ryan: [email protected]
Paul LeTourneau
Mike Steffek
3:30 Paul: [email protected]
Ryan: [email protected]
 Jeff Picken
Chad Koch
3:40 Jeff: [email protected]
Chad: [email protected]
 Chad Otis
Eric Gerndt
3:50 Chad: [email protected]
Eric: [email protected]
Daniel Johnston
Barry Thrune
4:00 Daniel: [email protected]Barry: [email protected]
 Jessica Rein
Jeremy Baszynski
4:15 Jessica:  fired[email protected]
Jeremy: [email protected]
 Jeri Howey
Danny Sornowski
4:30 Jeri: [email protected]
Danny: [email protected]
Kimberly Huntley
Curt Brey
4:45 Kimberly: [email protected]
Curt: [email protected]
Jeremy Anderson
Jill Steffek
5:00 Jeremy: [email protected]Jill: [email protected]
 Ken Fattmann
Paul Miller
5:30 Ken: [email protected]
Paul: [email protected]
Mary Moran 6:00 Mary: [email protected]
Esther Sherman Sweeper Esther: [email protected]

2019 HALF MARATHON Pace Teams:

Pacing Leader Race Time Contact E-mail
Jordan Neeck
Adam Johnson
1:30 Jordan: [email protected]
Adam: [email protected]
Allison Pitt
Mike James
1:40 Allison: [email protected]
Mike: [email protected]
 Stephanie Kliethermes
Chris Schmitz
1:50 Stephanie: [email protected]
Chris: [email protected]
 Carrie Miller
Ron DuVernay
2:00 Carrie: [email protected]
Ron: [email protected]
 Aaron Hizon
Katie Houle
2:10 Aaron: [email protected]
Katie:  [email protected]
Beth Buboltz Jackie Kohlhagen 2:20 Beth: [email protected]
Jackie:  [email protected] 
 Paula Meyer
Paula Walker
2:30 Paula: [email protected]
Paula: [email protected]
Kristi Traska
Wanda Wanie
2:40 Kristi: [email protected]
Wanda: [email protected]
Jen Lefor New: 3:00 Jen: [email protected]
Melony Sasser New: Sweeper Melony: [email protected]

For any pre-race weekend questions, please contact [email protected]