Blog: 5 Reasons to Register Before the Prices Go Up

Posted on Mar 30, 2018, by

By Jesse Drake, Executive Race Director

 As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present, especially when you can save money by registering now vs. registering after March 31 when our early bird prices disappear.

As a runner myself, I know the struggle.  We can all agree that $10 bucks is $10 bucks, but there are other reasons that I sign up early when I know I have my eyes on a certain race:

1)     It makes your goal official.  That confirmation page is your rallying cry to keep you motivated and to encourage others to take the journey with you.  We all know that being officially registered is motivation to get out the door and stick to your training plan.

2)     You’ve Got 6 months to train.  That’s plenty of time for long runs and increasing mileage in a gradual and efficient way.  You really don’t want to waste your registration fee do you?

3)     Get the right size shirt.  If you sign up now, I can guarantee you that you will get the shirt size that you picked!  Your race packet will be ready for you to pick-up at the Expo and as long as you make it to the Start Line race morning, we’ll help you get to the Finish Line.

4)     You’ll know where you’ll be in September. Mark your calendar in ink, marker, stickers, glitter, and neon yellow.  Whatever you need to do to keep your eye on your goal.

5)     For the Challenge.  What is better motivation than trying to beat your running partner in a friendly competition or setting the goal of finishing your first race?  Pushing yourself and doing more than you ever thought you could is a really cool feeling!

6)     Because You Can.  Finishing a marathon, half marathon or 5K is something that less than 1% of the U.S. population has done – be part of something special, the 1% club!

All these are great reasons to register today for the race of your choice at this year’s Community First Fox Cities Marathon Presented by Miron Construction – AND you still get to save $10 bucks!  You can’t have any more excuses…

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